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Selected Journal Articles

Review: Hayton, East Yorkshire: Archaeological Studies of the Iron Age and Roman Landscapes, Volumes 1 and 2. Edited by P. Halkon, M. Millett and H. Woodhouse. Yorkshire Archaeological Report 7, Britannia 48 (2017)


‘Reflections on J.T. Micklethwaite’s early church development plans for Wakefield Cathedral, in the light of the recent investigations’, Medieval Yorkshire 3 (2nd Ser.), 39–48 (2016)


‘Excavations at Rossington Grange Farm, South Yorkshire’, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 88, 1–37 (with P. Weston et al., 2016)


‘St Giles’ Church, Pontefract: New Archaeological Insights’, Church Archaeology 17, 19–28 (with P. Weston 2016)


‘A Stamford Ware Pottery Kiln in Ponterfact: A Geographical Enigma and a Dating Dilemma’, Medieval Archaeology 57, 111–150 (with C.G. Cumberpatch et al., 2013)


‘Pontefract: A Review of the Evidence for the Medieval Town’, Yorkshire Archaeology Journal 85, 68–96 (with C. Whittick, 2013)


‘Prehistoric Pits from Auchinleck Close, Driffield, East Yorkshire’, Yorkshire Archaeology Journal 84, 3–21 (with A. Walsh and T.G. Manby et al., 2012)


‘A Late Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement at High Wold, Bempton Lane, Bridlington, East Yorkshire’, Yorkshire Archaeology Journal 81, 47–137 (with L. Signorelli et al., 2009)


‘A Medieval Stamford Ware Pottery Kiln in Pontefract’, Medieval Archaeology 53, 45–50 (with C.G. Cumberpatch, 2009)


‘A Late Saxon Estate Centre at Laughton’, Medieval Archaeology 51, 286–92 (with C.G. Cumberpatch and H.E.M. Cool, 2007)


‘Archaeological Investigations at Wakefield Cathedral 1974–1995’, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 78, 96–106 (with A.C. Swann, 2006)


‘A Stone Axe Hammer from Towton, North Yorkshire’, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 73, 1–3 (2001)


‘A medieval pottery kiln from Stead Lane, Thorner, Leeds’, Medieval Ceramics 22/23, 145–8 (with C.G. Cumberpatch, 1998–9)


‘Medieval Masons’ Marks from Bradford Cathedral’, Church Archaeology 1, 42–6 (1997)


‘Excavation of a D-shaped enclosure at Upton, West Yorkshire’, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 67, 7–22 (1995)


‘Coins from Pontefract Castle excavation’, Yorkshire Numismatist 2, 101–4 (with P. Seaby, 1992)

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