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Reports and Monographs

‘Re-thinking the Archaeology of Elmet’, in Haarer, F.K. et al. (eds), AD 410: The History and Archaeology of Late and Post-Roman Britain, Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 182–94 (2014)


Iron Age and Roman Settlements at Wattle Syke, Yorkshire Archaeology 11 (with L. Martin and J. Richardson, 2013)


Simpson’s Malt, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Scientific Dating of a Pottery Kiln, Research Department Report 60-2010, English Heritage (with D. Greenwood, C. Batt, C. Bronk Ramsay, G. Cook and J. Meadows, 2010)


Understanding the Cropmark Landscapes of the Magnesian Limestone, ASWYAS/English Heritage (with A. Deegan, and D. Berg, 2010)


‘Late Prehistoric and Romano-British Land Division in South and West Yorkshire: an overview of the evidence’ in Chadwick, A.M. (ed.), Recent Approaches to the Archaeology of Land Allotment, British Archaeological Reports, International Series 1875, 185–203 (2008)


The Iron Age Settlement at Ledston. A Report of the Excavations of 1976 and 1996, Archaeological Services WYAS Publ. 7 (2005)


Ferrybridge Henge. The Ritual Landscape, Yorkshire Archaeology 10, Archaeological Services WYAS (2005)


Two Late Iron Age/Romano-British Settlement Sites near Whitwood, West Yorkshire, Archaeological Services WYAS Publ. 6 (with A. Burgess 2004)


Catterick Racecourse, North Yorkshire. The reuse and adaptation of a monument from prehistoric to Anglian times Archaeological Services WYAS Publ. 4 (with C. Moloney, R. Holbrey, and P. Wheelhouse, 2003)


Excavations at Topham Farm, Sykehouse, South Yorkshire. A Late Iron Age and Romano-British settlement in the Humberhead levels, Archaeological Services WYAS Publ. 5 (2003)


Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement Enclosures at Moss Carr, Methley, West Yorkshire, Archaeological Services WYAS Publ. 2 (with J. Richardson, 2002)


Pontefract Castle: Archaeological Excavations 1982-86, Yorkshire Archaeology 8, WYAS/English Heritage (2002)


A New Link to the Past: The Archaeological Landscape of the M1-A1 Link Road, Yorkshire Archaeology 7 (with A. Burgess and D. Berg eds, 2001)


Wrenthorpe Potteries: Excavations of 16th and 17th-century Potting Tenements near Wakefield 1983-86, Yorkshire Archaeology 2 (with S. Moorhouse, 1992)

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